The personal skills and know-how of the individuals involved in EA management count among those factors that are of crucial importance for overall success. Our training curriculum provides a good opportunity to develop your skills systematically and to keep your knowledge up to date. Our trainers speak from experience and make practice orientation a key aspect of our courses.

As part of our training curriculum, we offer courses for a variety of subjects related to EA management, at different levels of proficiency:

About 200 students (as of 11/2017) have already taken advantage of our course offering. An overview of it can also be found in our academy flyer. Further, individually tailored courses (and practice workshops) for EAM-related topics – whether it is for a single class or a training series – will be offered upon request.

Evaluation: 1.4

Average course rating by participants on a scale from 1 (best) to 6 (worst)

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An overview of our course offering is available in our academy flyer.

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